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Chamber Building

Housed in a genuine log building, the Land O' Lakes Chamber of Commerce is located at the corner of Hwy 45 and County Road B.
Land O Lakes Chamber Building
Stop in to get answers to your questions and a choose from a multitude of booklets and brochures with information that will help make your visit to our town rich and exciting. Check the Chamber Executive Secretary's note below for any current information she may want to share.

Executive Secretary's Message...

Chamber Contact Information


6484 Hwy 45
PO Box 599
Land O Lakes, WI 54540

Phone & Fax:

(715) 547-3432
(800) 236-3432
Fax: (715) 547-8010


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Friendly Faces

Chamber Executive Secretary

Sandy Wait is the Chamber Executive Secretary, and she isSandy Wait in the Chamber Building most days to welcome you to our area, and to answer your questions about events, lodging, restaurants and other amenities in our town. She always has the latest news, and shares it in her note below.

Sandy's Message...

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Land O' Lakes, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Chamber of Commerce website. There are many people who work hard to promote, maintain and develop our community for those who work, play and live in the area. We are proud of our small town charm, excellent schools and local government, expanding community and friendly home-town businesses.

We hope that you will be able to find what you need on our site and find the information interesting and useful.

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Board of Directors

  • President: Sandy Garbarek — Gateway Lodge
    PO Box 596, Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540
  • Vice President: Ed Hintz — Land O’ Lakes Plumbing
    4189 Cty Rd B, Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540
  • Secretary: Dianne Parling — Grass Lake Images, Inc.
    PO Box 986, Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540
  • Treasurer: Bill Whitney — Pine Cone Café
    PO Box 933, Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540
  • Kevin Konnow: Brew’s Pub
    PO Box 663, Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540
  • Bob Hughes — Bel-Air Motel
    4163 Hwy B, Land O’ Lakes, WI 54540

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Chamber Members

For your convenience, and only for members who offer Accommodations,
* Indicates "Open For Winter"
+ Indicates "Will Accept Overnights"

Local Links

Chamber Membership

List of board members...

List of Chamber Members...

Our Chamber is working for you...

With approximately 145 member businesses and a Land O Lakes vacationsmall group of Associate Members and community volunteers, the Chamber works to draw attention on the terrific assets in our town. We are here to provide all the information you need to enjoy your visit to our vacation destination, take up residence in this area or become a part of our business community.

Land O' Lakes
Historical Society

Land O' Lakes has a long and colorful history studied and preserved by the Land O' Lakes Historical Society. The NorthernWaters Museum, maintained by the society, features yearly exhibits which are free to the public, and display parts of the history of Land O' Lakes.

You are invited to read and enjoy a bit of our history.

History of Land O' Lakes

The economic origins of the town of Land O&Lakes (originally Stateline) go back to the 1870&s when the Rudolf Otto mill, one of the best single-rotary mills in Northern Wisconsin, was built. It was succeeded by theLand O Lakes History Mason-Donaldson Co. mill formed in 1905. The Mason-Donaldson Mill gave its name to the town of Donaldson, located along highway B just west of the town of Land O&Lakes. Donaldson boasted a school house, a community building which was used as a church and meeting hall and several homes. Many of the homes were later moved near the railroad tracks as the town of Stateline became more prosperous. When the Donaldson mill burned in 1908, it was decided not to rebuild, and the town moved east to its present site under the name Stateline, since it rested squarely on the line separating Wisconsin from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Land O Lakes Airport

Read more about Land O' Lakes...

Town Government

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Board Members

Dan Balog - Chairman
Michael Stopczynski - Supervisor
Samuel Otterpohl - Supervisor/Fire Chief
Lynn Bybee - Clerk/Treasurer

Monthly town board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 P.M.

Town Hall Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Telephone: 715-547-3255 Fax: 715-547-3935

Email Address:

Land O' Lakes Airport

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109.2 RHI......016 degrees


Mike Saad

Commission Secretary:

Mark Gostisha


Rick Remley


Urban Meloche


Frederick Prehn

Airport Manager:

Randy Ruth

Land O Lakes Public Library

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(Memorial Day to Labor Day
Monday through Friday 9am to5pm
Saturday 10am to 1pm

(Labor Day to Memorial Day
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am to 4pm
Wednesday 10am to 6pm
Saturday 10am to 1pm

We offer lending materials, programs and free high speed internet, including wireless. Visit our website at:

Librarian: Julie Zelten
4242 County Hwy. B
P.O. Box 450
Telephone: 715-547-6006, Fax: 715-547-6004

Headwaters Food Pantry, Inc.

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The purpose of the Food Pantry is to provide food items to needy families in the Land O' Lakes, Phelps and Conover area. Food distribution is the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm. The Pantry is located in the Senior house behind the Dari Maid at 6515 Olympic Drive. Food can also be distributed at any time for emergencies.

Food collection boxes have been placed in the following locations to make it easy for people to donate food items:

Ely Memorial Church
First National Bank, Phelps
Forest Lake Country Store
Jensen-Aikens Hardware
LOL Chamber of Commerce
LOL Village Market

Monetary donations may be mailed to Headwaters Food Pantry, Donations Committee, PO Box 561, 6515 76 Olympic Dr., Land O' Lakes, WI 54540

Transfer Station(Dump)

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Dump Information

The Land O' Lakes Transfer Station (Dump) is a recycling facility. $10 or $50 Dump Cards may be purchased at the Tackle Box in downtown Land O' Lakes. The rate is $2 per punch.


Summer: May 1 thru Sept 30
Sun - 9 to 12
Tues - 8 to 3
Thurs - 12 to 5
Sat - 8 to 4

Winter: Oct 1 thru April 30
Tues - 8 to 3
Thurs - 12 to 4
Sat - 8 to 4

Location: Town Garage Rd

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Burn Permits

Burning Permits are required and may be gotten from the following: Sam Otterpohl and the Tackle Box. There is no charge for burning permits.

Google Map of Land O' Lakes

Land O' Lakes Airport  (715) 547-3337

The Land O' Lakes Airport is a beautiful airport tucked in the Northwoods on the Wisconsin-Michigan border. It avails its visitors to golf, sporting clays, lodging and shopping. Everything is within a short walk of the airport. The area is also filled with fantastic hunting and fishing.
The 4,000 by 75 foot paved, all weather runway, 14/32 is reinforced by our seasonal 2580 by 130 foot turf, crosswind runway, 5/23.
The airport has a new, 24 hour, self-service fuel system available to airport patrons year around and hosts its annual Airport Day in July with fun and excitement for the entire family.

Town Board

Airport Information


Food Pantry

Dump Hours

Burn Permits

Town Website

Vilas County
Chamber of Commerce

The Vilas County tourism and publicity website has tourist information for all of Vilas county, including links to all the other Vilas County chamber members.

Vilas County
Tourism and Publicity


Agate Falls

Ajibikoka Falls

Bathtub Falls

Bond Falls

Gorge Falls

Great Conglomerate Falls

Kakabika Falls

Mex-I-Min-E Falls

Manabezho Falls

Manido Falls

Nawadaha Falls

O Kun de Kun Falls

Potawatomi Falls

Rainbow Falls

Sandstone Falls

Shining Cloud Falls

Sturgeon Falls

Traders Falls

Trappers Falls

Unnamed Falls - Pinkerton Creek

Yondota Falls

Points of Interest

Land O' Lakes is centrally located to many interesting attractions that make enjoyable day trips while you visit us.

A great things to do right in downtown Land O' Lakes is a visit to the NorthernWaters Museum and the LOLA Center for the Arts. See the links above to the Points of Interest Map!

Other trips that fit nicely into a day are excursions to local waterfalls, other museums, mines, wilderness areas and historical sites. The Points of Interest map locates these for you.

Paulding Mystery Light

For some night time activity, drive four miles south of Paulding to Robbins Pond Road. Keep going straight to the barrier. Turn off your car lights and wait for the light to appear on the horizon. Decide for yourself if it is real or imagined, ghosts or gasses, aliens or car lights!

Sylvania Wilderness and Recreation Area

Located in the center of the Ottawa National Forest, and boasting over 19,000 acres of pristing wilderness, Sylvania becons you to enjoy its solitude. Camp, fish, canoe, hunt, picnic, swim, hike or cross-country ski this beautiful and fragile area.

Land O' Lakes - your vacation destination!

Contact Information

for Attractions on the Points of Interest Map

Copper Peak

Ontonagon Historical Museum
(906) 884-6165

Adventure Mine
(906) 883-3371

Lake of the Clouds
(906) 932-4850

Old Victoria
(906) 886-2617

Watersmeet Trout Hatchery
(906) 358-4331

Ottawa Visitors Center
(906) 358-4724

Northwoods Children's Museum
(715) 479-4623

Three Lakes
Historical Museum
(715) 546-2295

15 miiles W of Baraga on M-38. At Pitchett Dam Road there is a sign for Pritchett Dam, Silver Mountain and Sturgeon Falls. Unfortunately this is the last sign for Sturgeon Falls until you actually reach the trailhead. At this point follow the signs for Silver Mountain. After about 8 miles, the road to Silver Mountain branches to the right. Go to the left. You will reach a bridge after about 1 mile. The parking area for the trailhead is 3 miles past the bridge. The roads are dirt but in good shape and should give a normal car no problem. Drop - 25 feet+.

The trail head to the falls is located on the east side of US 45 about 8 miles north of Bruce Crossing. There are signs for the parking area. The trail to the falls is part of the North Country Trail. It is a 1.3 mile fairly level hike to the falls. Drop - 25 feet+.

From Bond Falls, go east on Bond Falls Road. Take a left(west) onto MI-28. The Agate Falls roadside park will be on your left after about 2-3 miles. The trails and overlooks are somewhat limited. With some effort you can scramble down to the river to get some very good views of the falls - drop 40 feet+.

On Bond Falls Road, E of Paulding MI. 40 feet high and 100+ feet wide. Above the main falls are a series of cascades and rapids that drop a total of 20+ feet. The best single waterfall in the western UP.

Presque Isle River 3 miles N of Marenisco. Walking time 15-45 minutes. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Located within the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. Walking time 15-45 minutes. Vertical drop 5 feet and under.

Little Carp River 17 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 45 minutes or more. Vertical drop 5-20 feet.

Little Carp River 20 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 45 minutes or more. Vertical drop 5 feet and under.

9 miles W of White Pine. Carp River 21 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 45 minutes or more. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Black River, 12 miles N of Bessemer. Walking time 15-45 minutes. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Black River, 12 miles N of Bessemer. Walking time 15-45 minutes. vertical drop 20 feet+.

Black River, 10.5 miles N of Bessemer. Walking time 15 minutes or less. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Presque Isle River, 12 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 15 minutes or less. Vertical drop 5-20 feet.

Presque Isle River, 12 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 15 minutes or less. Vertical drop 5-20 feet.

Presque Isle River, 10 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 15 minutes or less. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Middle branch of the Ontonagon River, 6 miles NE of Watersmeet. Walking time 15 minutes or less. Vertical drop 5-20 feet.

From US-2 go about 14 miles W of Watersmeet, take County Road 527 N about .5 mile. Walking time 15 minutes or less. Vertical drop 5-20 feet.

Black River, 10.5 miles N of Bessemer. Walking time 15-45 minutes. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Black River, 10.5 miles N of Bessemer. Walking time 15-45 minutes. Vertical drop 20 feet+.

Carp River, 21 miles N of Thomaston. Walking time 45 minutes or more. Vertical drop 5 - 20 feet.

Brush Lake, 4.5 miles NE of Watersmeet. Walking time 45 minutes or more. Vertical drop 20 feet+.